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Dear Friends, 

It is with some sadness that I tell you that the Board of the Bay Music Foundation has voted to disband the organization. For almost SIXTY YEARS the foundation has distributed scholarships to the best and brightest of the Bay Area’s talented youth. We’ve seen our recipients go on to use their talents in education, community service, and the performing arts. Some are now professionals who perform on Broadway and in national tours of Broadway shows.

But we recognize that times do, in fact, change. In recent years we’ve seen the interests of our youth evolve in new directions. Many other opportunities now beckon them. The prospect of a scholarship competition seems dated. Each of the last few years we’ve seen our applications drop. It’s been harder and harder to schedule a competition around all the school events and other callings. Last year, for the first time, we found it necessary to cancel the competition entirely; only one student applied!

Having said all this, know that the funds and purpose of the foundation are going to stay in the arts education and scholarship arena. We are collaborating with the Bay Area Community Foundation (BACF) to move our funds, and an endowment fund the BACF manages for us, into a continuing scholarship for music and performing arts fund, which the BACF will manage. Future donations, which you may wish to make, will go into that endowment.

This move is appropriate. Peggy Rowley was the founding spirit behind both the Bay Music Foundation and the Community Foundation. Her vision for the future of music continues and will be far more successful with its new home. As one of the area’s premier scholarship providers, the Community Foundation has the tools and capabilities of continuing our proud tradition in better ways than we ever could.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support. Without that level of community commitment, we would never have been able to do all that we’ve done.

The Board of the Bay Music Foundation


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